Wellness Policy

J-4950 2006 Arizona School Boards Association JL

The School District recognizes that sound nutrition and optimal physical fitness is directly related to learning readiness, academic achievement, decreased discipline problems and improved physical and emotional well-being.

Life long healthy habits include education, the daily consumption of nutritious foods and regular exercise. Parents are important partners and have the most significant influence regarding their child’s nutritional and lifestyle choices.

To ensure the health and well being of all students, the Board shall promote and monitor student wellness in a manner that the Board determines is appropriate in the following areas:

  • Nutrition Guidelines: All foods available in each school during the day will have as a primary goal the promotion of student health and the reduction of childhood obesity. All guidelines for reimbursable school meals shall not be less restrictive than regulations and guidance issued by the Secretary of Agriculture, as those regulations and guidance apply to schools.
  • Nutrition Education: The goal is to influence students’ eating behaviors by providing nutrition education that is appropriate for students’ ages; reflects students’ cultures; is integrated into health education or core curricula, and provides opportunities for students to practice skills.
  • Physical Activity: The goals for physical activity are to provide opportunities for every student to develop the knowledge and skills for specific physical activities, to maintain students’ physical fitness, to ensure students’ regular participation in physical activity, and to teach students the short- and long-term benefits of a physically active and healthful lifestyle. All staff, not just physical education teachers, play an important role in promoting and modeling physical activity and healthy habits.
  • Other School-Based Activities: The goal is to create a total school environment that is conducive to healthy eating and physical activity.
  • Evaluation: A primary goal will be to regularly evaluate the effectiveness of this policy in promoting healthy eating and changing the program as appropriate to increase its effectiveness, and
  • Parent, Community and Staff Involvement: A primary goal will be to engage family members, students, and representatives of the school food authority, the Governing Board, school administrators, and the public in development and regular review of this school policy.

The Superintendent is directed to develop administrative regulations to implement this policy, including such provisions as may be necessary to address all food and beverages sold and/or served to students at school (i.e. competitive foods, snacks, and beverages sold from vending machines, school stores, and fund-raising activities and refreshments that are made available at school parties, celebrations and meetings), including provisions for staff development, family and community involvement and program evaluation. Regulations and exhibits created for the purpose of implementing this policy shall be considered, in effect, to be an extension of this policy

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